Growing up on a small island in the Netherlands, my time was spent on the water; skiing, sailing and learning how to dive. Diving in the North Sea taught me to respect the ocean; it’s power and mystery grew my curiosity which fueled my guiding career.


 To create my own path, I left the family boating business and moved to Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean to teach scuba and free diving. With a strong interest in Naval history, I spent a few seasons in the Mediterranean as a trimix instructor exploring wrecks. Even with opportunity in the Mediterranean, I found Bonaire to be my home.


Bonaire’s marine life and ecology on the island offered the opportunity to share my island with others. As an adventurer and someone passionate about the preservation of our planet, I worked and volunteered in sea turtle conservation. This work influenced my path and appreciation of how land and sea connect. With a growing demand for customized travel experiences, “Flow” was created to showcase Bonaire to the adventure traveler eager to connect with their environment. Personalized itineraries to engage guest with Bonaire’s activities allowed me to share my passion for the islands many adventures.


Taking my experience from Bonaire, I started creating exclusive journeys globally. Luxury travel is more than just the ability to pay for an expensive room. It is finding the people in a destination that bring an experience to life, transforming your thinking and finding your “Flow”.

- Leo Hoogenboom -